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"What a day! I couldn't be more pleased or proud to share episode one of the Ear Hustle podcast. Listen, subscribe, tell a friend, let us know what you think, send questions via postcard. Also: Mad props to the invincible EH team (Nigel, Antwan, and Earlonne) and thanks to our outside support crew (Curtis, Pat, and Megan), PRX and fellow Radiotopians for all the support in getting to that surreal moment this morning when we clicked 'publish'.

– Julie Shapiro, Executive Producer, Radiotopia & Ear Hustle


"Megan was very engaging, and provided a lot of good information on how to formulate a story that can be applied to my work."
– Participant in Storytelling for Creative & Persuasive Leadership workshop, 2017


"When I engaged with Megan I had no idea what an amazing resource she would become for helping build a thorough strategy for bringing the #CodeLikeAGirl content to audiences. She hasn’t just been a brilliant story teller, she’s created thoughtful content from that story that can be used across multiple channels. Megan has made smart introductions that helped us grow our audiences. She is somehow able to always be two or three steps ahead of what’s coming next."
– Diana Freeman-Baer, Senior UX Manager,, GE


"Megan was incredibly responsive, extremely dedicated, and thoroughly thoughtful with our project. She listened to our needs and quickly got to work – even while battling food poisoning! After the project was completed, she took the time to answer all of our questions and give helpful advice for the future. In sum: Megan's crazy capable and awesome to work with. Highly recommend her!" 
– Producers Erica Mu and Rebecca Kanthor, co-hosts of the Radius Podcast


"She's smart, she's efficient, she's hilarious, and she'll make your digital life beautiful and your real life effortless."
– Casey Miner, producer, The Specialist podcast


"My team at Stanford Blood Center recently launched a new site called and its purpose is to share out stories collected from donors about why they give blood. I am excited to share the insight you provided on storytelling and incorporate some great new ideas into our storytelling platform. Such a pleasure hearing you speak."
– participant/student at Knight Digital Media Center, University of California Berkeley


"Megan is the consummate CEO and visionary. She has a special ability to connect with people on both a professional and personal level. She is a partner in the truest sense of the word and creates a win-win situation for all parties involved. Given Megan’s leadership, creativity, enthusiasm and vision, it’s no surprise that Lokion was named as one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing companies for 3 years in a row."
– Matthew Friend, VP/Principal Business Development, MasterCard Advisors


"You couldn't hope to work with a writer/producer/entrepreneur who has more savvy wit and wisdom than Megan Jones. I enjoy every conversation with Megan and gain new perspectives and insights into my own art projects and productions. Megan goes right to the core of a problem and works toward solutions without judgement or angst. She is a true professional with integrity and talent.  I'd work with her anytime and would love to hear more of her work in the future."
– Dmae Roberts, Media Rites, Independent Writer/Producer


"I met Megan when she took my workshop on documentary radio. Not only did she stand out due to her accent, but also for her enthusiasm, humor and smarts. Megan worked with me on my media project, "RISE: Climate Change and Coastal Communities." She edited and revamped the site. She recruited and trained an intern to provide monthly website and social media analytics. She got the Governor's office to include the multimedia webstories on their YouTube channel and coordinated with National Geographic social media when NatGeo showcased RISE webstories on their site." 
Claire Schoen, independent producer/teacher, The Stanford Storytelling Project